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BEC Arena - Reviews

For The Love Of Horror

Compliments to the organisers. Went this morning and it was awesome, cosplayers are especially great, even the walking dead greeters that nearly made me wee lol - Craig Roberts

Absolutely amazing day so far!!! - Sarah Simpson

Machete OMFG - Ben Sykes

Oh my days what can be said about ftloh...absolutely thrilling day. staff were lovely and beyong helpful. all the stalls catered to every horror need. plenty to see and do... get down there tomorrow - Gabrielle

Just want to personally thank you for a wonderful experience at your event today, very professional and friendly staff, the lady interviewing Danny Trejo was excellent as were all the guests, and a special mention to Barbara Nedeljáková who was so lovely, thank you all and see you in December for the sci fi oneDavid Walsh

Loved it. Great guests and friendly people who attended on the stalls and around the event. Would attend again if it comes back next year!  - Alan Tynan  

Brilliant event, well put together for the fans by the fans  - Simon Beaumont

Best convention evooooor. Sign me up for next year...going all out next time....thanks to all the people behind the scenes, cracking job. - Paul Taylor

Just want to personally thank you for a wonderful experience at your event today, very professional and friendly staff, the lady interviewing Danny Trejo was excellent as were all the guests, and a special mention to Barbara Nedeljáková who was so lovely, thank you all and see you in December for the sci fi one David Walsh

Horror Con was cancelled. So glad I made the decision to go. Monopoly events have organised an amazing event. I got to meet the lovely Tyler Mane, Richard Brake and Danny Trejo. I enjoyed looking at the stalls and got to see Navi, Ola Ray and zombies perform Michael Jackson's Thriller. Major highlight was Danny Trejo calling Robert Rodriguez about making Machete in Space. Well worth going to and looking forward to future events. - Claire Tonge

For the love of horror ,yesterday was amazing ,hopefully we will be going back next year can’t wait ,good atmosphere, fantastic cosplays, famous actors who played well known horror characters and amazing stalls, the scare experience was spectacular too - Chessie Gregory

An eventful day for very different reasons. My son had a major meltdown with the zombies so much so that we didn't go in, the zombies were amazing not only did they look real but they also came and comforted my son when he was upset, thank you.
Anthony one of the organisers saw how upset my son was and took us to the side entrance where we met, had photos and autographs with Tyler Mane and Danny Trejo (complete gents) thank you so much for doing this you made my boys day!!!! We will be back in December for the love of sci fi Nichola Wood

Absolutely amazing my first time I’ve ever been too one of these. Great guests so friendly lovely atmosphere and lots to do and loved meeting and having a photo with Ilona six and Tyler Mane. Hope you do it again next year  - Cara Lennon 

For the Love of Sci-Fi

I have been to FLTLSF since it started, just been to my first northwest comic-con and must say I feel let down! You guys set the bar way too high! - Joe Bennett

You bring me stars that I have only dreamed of meeting and more. Hell I met face from the a-team & more. This time I'm meeting loads more. You guys are the best! - Mary Smith

I love that the organiser is a fan himself. He asks the people what they want and goes all out to deliver the best experience possible... and he delivers! - Harry Jackson

A brilliant family day out - absolutely awesome! We've supported this event from the start and it gets better and better! - Mo Patel

Great events, great line up and great props. Don't get this at other conventions - Aaron Barry

Just look at the line up, that’s all you need to do, it’s amazing!!! - Mandy Ralston

Absolutely awesome event! Just gets bigger and better each year. Fabulous guests, amazing props and a perfect weekend for kids of any age (I'm extremely late 20s... ok 35... and I had the time of my life!) Can't recommend this more highly for a brilliant day out. - Laura Edwards

I came down for the star wars stuff but was just so impressed with all the other themed cosplay. The ghost buster proton packs were bloody amazing.  - Rodger Quinn

The whole event was absolutely brilliant and being able to meet some of my childhood heroes was an amazing experience. The venue was great and pretty easy to find. I enjoyed listening to the music that the live orchestra played as it was from films i enjoy. I would definitely recommend anyone to attend this next year. 10 out of 10.  - Lindsey Brunt

Me and my family had a great time yesterday. A well put together event. The organisers should Be proud and hopefully this will grow and grow and get bigger and better. My 7yr old lad who is a fully trained and very excited Jedi said it was the best day ever. Even my 2 yr old lad, who was a bit wary of the 'scary monsters' enjoyed himself. So that's good enough for me.  Thanks. - Pete Massey

I really like your event, also attended last year as well. Good to see people going home with their professional photo's this year, much better idea that. I find your event very laid back which is nice. Got some great pics got to see plenty of people from films to TV. Brilliant seeing the effort people put into their costumes, really makes the event as they and all the builds you put together bring it to life! Well worth the trek over from Liverpool. Already wondering what you are dreaming up for next year! - Michael Murphy 

Great Northern Ska Festival

Easy entry, great line up, nice to move around between stages and stalls with staff and stall holders all sharing the fun, relaxed atmosphere. Looking forward to 'The Return of the Ska Fest!' - Zoe James

We attended last years event, we travelled from Dublin for it and it was brilliant such a great line up. Highlights of the day Meeting The Skafather and The Dualers put on a brilliant show. Looking forward to another great day. - Jason Williams

Travelled last year from Germany. Good festival in a nice Location, easy to change between the Stages You always got a Hand on a Drink without waiting too Long. Looking forward to this years line-up. - Kirsty C

Fantastic day and night. Brilliant atmosphere and drinks were reasonably priced. Met some lovely die hard ska fans. We'll be back next year. - Kate Crabtree

Absolutely amazing...will be back next year. Bad manners were fantastic and UB40. Fantastic event. I danced all day and night. Thank you for all involved - Tracey Brown Deakin

Top bands. great atmosphere. reasonably priced food and drink. If its on next year i'll be there 100% - Lynn Wray

To the organisers of this event, take a massive bow. From entering to leaving in the early hours both my wife and I had a ball.
The entertainment from all acts was tremendous. UB40 were special, this was our 5th time of seeing them, but by far the best. The security we're polite, unlike other venues we have been to.Plenty of food and drink of all types. The atmosphere was unbelievable, everyone so friendly. Thank you again, can't wait for your next event. - Jim Buckley

Amazing . Couldn't have wished for a better night. Organisers friendly and helpful . Will be there next year. - Zoe Wright

Timequake Steampunk Festival

A truly amazing event - really loved the edgy, post-apocalyptic side of it. There was definitely something for everyone. Thank you for an epic weekend! - Hannah Spring 

First time at a Steam Punk event. Amazing outfits and suitably dark for my tastes. Good to meet Peter Purvis, Rosie Jane and Simon Fisher-Becker who were lovely. Would be interested to see how much further you could take the exhibition. -  Peter Rowe-Blackman 

Awe inspiring concept and event with meticulous attention to detail. Amazing outfits and people too, will definitely go again! - Kathryn Williams 

The only thing wrong was that we ran out of time to see every thing. Had a fantastic day can't praise the timequake team and the bowlers centre for putting on a fabulous experience
Looking forward to next year's show already - Terry Stevens Lewing

Had a grand day out here, such a diverse and creative bunch of people people and products. I think it was brilliant event and hope that it continues to grow. - Neil Walker

Had a fabulous day at TimeQuake on Saturday. Already hoping for another one! - Debs McGowen

A groundbreaking event, introducing new genres and fusions into UK steampunk. Next time we will wrap up a bit warmer and will already know that it’s a bit further from the hotel than we expected (we didn’t do enough homework before we went - it’s pretty obvious on the map in retrospect). It was good being under a single roof and the static displays were great. The different zones worked well. I was amazed by some of the traders’ stands; they were brilliantly themed and showed off the stock so well (subject to lighting levels).W e loved the Cantina and the ambience in there on Friday night was spot-on. The Cataclysm Ball was good too. I could see the music went down well with loads of folk on their feet, ourselves included (although we baled out before the end through sheer exhaustion). We would definitely love to come again and if it misses the Easter w/e with potential family commitments that would suit us well - but you can’t please everyone all the time and we understand that. We feel very privileged to have been at TQ1, an event quite distinct from Asylum but which will surely grow year on year in the same way. - Nimrod Lancaster

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